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About Sweet Life Wellness

Learn about Sweet Life Wellness and Kay Loughrey, a registered dietitian and nutritionist. Sweet Life Wellness offers health, wellness and success coaching to people looking for their “Play Big” results. Contact Kay today to schedule your Free Clarity Consult.

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Sweet Life Wellness

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Sweet Life Wellness was launched by Kay Loughrey in 2012. Kay left a responsible federal government position in 2011 to live her purpose of partnering with people to transform their lives.

Kay has helped dozens of persons with weight loss and habit change as a health coach, nutritionist, and dietitian and millions in national campaigns to help Americans eat better.
Kay’s private practice is located in Gaithersburg, MD.

Kay Loughrey

As a sought after health coach and nutritionist, Kay specializes in working with men and women who are ready to stop struggling with their weight and get their sweet life back. Kay believes we’re not here to “Play Small” in life. Instead, Kay is here to help you get your “Play Big” results.

About Kay

Kay believes that it takes self-care to get “Play Big” Results? How does she know this? She struggled with her weight for many years. Kay used food to protect herself and feel safe. So Kay knows how it feels to use food as an escape and how frustrating it can be to diet and fail.

Years later as an adult, Kay took her power back. She discovered how to love herself again, savor her sweet life and lose weight without dieting. And she kept the weight off. Now she shares her secrets so others can do the same.

Today, Kay offers health and weight loss coaching. She shows her clients how to:

  • Learn the truth about their powerful, sweet, delicious life.
  • Make better choices with a healthy lifestyle they can sustain.
  • Lose weight without dieting and keep it off.

Look for her at conferences and workshops in your area.


Kay Loughrey is a health coach and lifestyle expert, and has been helping people transform their lives for decades.Kay launched her health coaching and diet counseling practice in May 2012 in Gaithersburg, MD.

In 2016, Kay was selected to be an eWomen Network Premier Success Coach, due to her years of success coaching professionals and helping business men and women reach their goals.

Before starting her business Kay spearheaded three national initiatives for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services:

  • National Cancer Institute’s 5 A Day media campaign that encouraged Americans to eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • The 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans communications.
  • You Can! Steps to Healthier Aging nutrition and physical activity campaign for the U.S. Administration on Aging.

Kay is a health coach and a registered dietitian and nutritionist. She has a certificate in adult weight management. She also is licensed with the State of Maryland to provide diet counseling.


Registrations, Certifications and Licenses

  • Dietitian-Nutritionist (Registered) – Commission on Dietetic Registration
  • Dietitian-Nutritionist (Licensed) – State of Maryland
  • Strategic Planning (Certified) – American Management Association
  • Adult Weight Management (Certified) – Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Kay Loughrey’s expertise in the field of nutrition and building healthy lifestyles are well-respected across the country. She’s been featured and quoted in many well-known publications, including:

  • The Washington Post
  • The Chicago Tribune
  • Men’s Fitness Magazine
  • Newsday

As a member of the Gaithersburg, Maryland community, Kay enjoys being part of local and national professional networks.

Professional Affiliations

  • Women’s Business Organization
  • eWomen Network
  • Kay is a brilliant communicator, expert health coach and master of nutrition.


  • Master of Science in Marketing
  • Master of Public Health Nutrition

Kay’s Story

Kay struggled with her weight as a stressed out yoyo dieter for more than 30 years. For Kay, it wasn’t just about food and physical activity. It was about something much more profound. Kay’s yoyo dieting was about not:

  1. Believing in herself.
  2. Knowing how to handle stress.
  3. Loving herself.

Kay began comforting herself with food after suffering from a childhood trauma. She used food as a way to protect herself from her fears. As a teenager she began 25 rounds of dieting. She lost and regained 300 pounds—15 pounds at a time.

Finally, one day, Kay looked fear in the eye. It was then she began the process of healing. She discovered how to turn trauma into growth and freedom. Finally, she lost weight and kept it off for the very first time.

Kay created a program for herself from discoveries made during her personal weight loss journey and extensive international travel.

Kay now shares Sweet Life Wellness coaching with clients.

Kay’s Approach

Educational and Creative composition with the message Stop Bad HabitsKay Loughrey is in the transformation business. She helps people get unstuck and transform their lives. Kay offers one-on-one coaching as a health coach and nutritionist. Kay gives people the clarity, confidence, and direction to get their “Play Big” results. Kay gets amazing results because she works with people who are ready to stop struggling with their weight and are committed to living their sweet delicious life.


How Kay Coaches Clients

Business People High Five

Kay helps people, including business owners, with one-on-one, executive coaching designed to help them lose weight without dieting, get them their “Play Big” results, and live a deliciously healthy life.

Kay offers individual private lifestyle coaching for persons who are seriously ready to be their vital self.Celebrate-Your-Wins

Are you Ready to?

  • Lose weight and keep it off.
  • Boost your energy.
  • Feel more healthy and fit.
  • Be more confident. Love yourself again.
  • Achieve personal and business goals.

Speaking Engagements, Media Interviews, Publications

Kay Speaking to GroupKay has been a featured speaker at numerous conferences. Kay has been quoted in publications such as the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Men’s Fitness Magazine and Newsday, and has been interviewed about nutrition issues on radio and television programs.

Kay also has co-authored many publications. Most recently she co-authored a chapter of, Implementing Physical Activity Strategies, a book published in 2014 by Human Kinetics.

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