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Yo-Yo Dieting

Do you have lifestyle habits that will compromise your future health, career, or family relationships?

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Are you tired of:

  • Waking up exhausted; wondering where you’ll find the energy to get through the day;
  • Wishing you could get organized and own your time;
  • Wondering what it will take to get focused so you can live the life you envisioned;
  • Ending the day, hoping that tomorrow will be better; and
  • Feeling frustrated with a lifestyle that drains your vitality and health?

When you savor wholesome, simple and delectable foods, you elevate everything in your life, including yourself.
—Kay Loughrey

How to Live Your Sweet Life

Have the energy, vitality, and health to realize your dreams and aspirations

With Kay’s 3-5-2 Blueprint strategies you’ll have the:

  • Energy and vitality to feel younger. Do the things you haven’t done in years;
  • Focus to achieve your bigger future; and
  • Lifestyle and better health that supports your life vision and goals.

Partner with Kay. Get Lasting Results! Live your sweet life by connecting your:

Purpose               Focus               Lifestyle

Kay’s Promise to You.

Kay is a Licensed Dietitian-Nutritionist and behavioral coach who makes lifestyle choices delicious, lasting, and easy. She will partner with you every step of the way with lifestyle change programs that are completely customized to your goals for achieving your bigger future.

Kay Offers:

  • Personal strategic planning;
  • Lifestyle makeovers; and
  • Her signature weight loss program

Kay’s programs get results because she works with clients only when there’s a right fit!

Are You Fed Up with YoYo Dieting?

5 Reasons for YoYo Dieting:

We find ourselves YoYo dieting because we:

  1. Fail to link our weight problems to the burnout that caused us to gain extra weight.
  2. Follow diets that aren’t sustainable and expect long term results.
  3. Don’t change our mindset. Then we are disappointed when we return to old habits.
  4. Lose focus and discard successful strategies instead of continuing what worked.
  5. Create a list of forbidden foods that leads to cheating and diet failure.

3 Ways to Break the YoYo Cycle: You can put a stop to YoYo dieting by:

  1. Making lifestyle changes that you can sustain instead of following the latest diet craze.
  2. Getting focused with a new mindset and habits to reach your goals.
  3. Addressing burnout and exhaustion to stop stress eating and achieve your bigger future.

I understand. For years, I was a YoYo Dieter myself. By trying many different diets, my weight went up and down 25 times over 30 years.

I finally discovered the solution that worked for me.

Now, I feel great. I’ve been able to maintain my weight, shop at trendy stores, and wear the clothes I love that I couldn’t get into for years.

I want to share with you how I did it and how my clients have succeeded using the method I’ve been using for the past 6 years.

But first, find out whether you’re a YoYo Dieter by taking the YoYo Dieter quiz.

You may qualify for a free one-on-one weight loss analysis with me if you score above 2 on the quiz.

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