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What Does A RDN Do?

National Nutrition Month

Hopefully you’ve made it through Sweet Life Wellness’s Nutrition 101 posts as part of National Nutrition Month®!

We’ve focused on protein, carbohydrates, and fats, but this week we’re talking about the role of a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

There’s usually a lot of confusion about the difference between a Dietitian and a Nutritionist.

In the past couple of years, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics decided to change the credential to be clearer, so dietitians used to have the credential RD (Registered Dietitian), can now use RDN (Registered Dietitian Nutritionist).

The RD or RDN credential means that the individual went to a program that is accredited by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, completed a hands-on internship for experience in the field, and passed the registration exam. So all dietitians are nutritionists, but not all nutritionists are dietitians.

If you’re looking for professional nutrition advice, look for a dietitian with the RD or RDN credential.

Dietitians Are NOT the Food Police

A common misconception is that dietitians are the food police.

The point of seeing a dietitian is to have a professional work with you to help personalize your nutrition to meet your needs. A dietitian can explain specific dietary needs based on your specific medical needs, or can work with you on creating a dietary pattern to meet your goals, whether it’s for athletics, a vegetarian diet, or healthy eating as a new mother.

A Registered Dietitian Can Help

There’s a lot of misinformation out there, and there’s a ton of conflicting advice. A Registered Dietitian can help you decipher what the evidence shows, and help you find the right path for your own needs.

There is no “best” diet, and not every “diet” is right for every body. Dietitians are trained to understand the science behind a diet and can explain when something is evidence-based or just another “sounds too good to be true” diet.

Kay’s Nutrition Philosophy

At Sweet Life Wellness, Kay’s philosophy is to address your inner and outer personal roadblocks that can free you up to live the life you desire.

She is a speaker, health, habit, and weight loss coach who has adopted a more holistic approach so her clients can stop suffering in silence, step into their sweet spot, and free themselves from weight struggles. Her experience with clients and her own many rounds of yoyo dieting has proved that Dieting doesn’t work.

Cycles of restriction, calorie counting, or complicated plans are not sustainable. Learn how to break the yo-yo diet cycle and live your sweet life.

Have a talk with Kay.

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Blog Author:Lauren Seat - Sweet Life Wellness Intern
Lauren Seat
Sweet Life Wellness Student Intern
Dietetics student at University of Maryland-College Park

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