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Testimonials and Success Stories

View the testimonials and success stories for Sweet Life Wellness. See the people Kay Loughrey and her one-on-one health coaching have helped to lose weight.

The Sweet Life Wellness program and Kay Loughrey have helped so many people transform their lives and start living the delicious sweet life. Great people have achieved their weight loss and transformed their health with the help of Kay, and have shared their success stories.

Video Testimonials

Carrie B.:

Carrie talks about how she lost 30 pounds in partnership with Kay Loughrey at Sweet Life Wellness.

Daphne Stewart:

Daphne was kind enough to provide her testimonial for Sweet Life Wellness and the help she’s received from Kay Loughrey. Thank you, Daphne!

Success Stories

Kay has helped me realize that life is not about looking perfect and following the latest diet craze. It is about being healthy, working hard, celebrating small victories and being able to enjoy the little things. Live life to the fullest!

Yelena S., Elksridge, MD

I’m getting so many compliments on the way I look especially from my husband and kids. I can now get into clothes I haven’t worn in years. Thank you Kay. I’m so happy I could dance!

Marie-Rose S., Derwood, MD

Mark’s Weight Loss Story

Before Mark started nutrition counseling with Kay, he lived a lifestyle very similar to many other Americans. He often ate processed foods, fast foods, carryout from Chinese, pizza, etc… He was consuming more than 3500 calories a day and eventually reached 440 lbs.

Watch this video to see Mark’s incredible weight loss achievement with help from Kay.

Mark lost 120 pounds and plans to continue to lose about half of his original weight of 440 pounds. He has now completely discontinued fast and slow acting insulin, his blood glucose levels have reduced, he’s reduced the amount of cholesterol medication by half, his ejection fraction is up to a normal range, his resting pulse rate has reduced to 50-60’s per minute, and his doctor informed him that his blood pressure medication will also be reduced.

Michael’s Weight Loss Story

Michael, one of Kay’s patients, began seeking nutritional counseling when he developed a chronically inflamed liver, didn’t like his appearance, and became concerned about developing type 2 diabetes.  Before working with Kay, he had several chronic health conditions.

Watch this video to learn more about Michael’s weight loss success.

So far, Michael has lost 26 pounds and continues on a path to losing more.  His abnormal blood levels have returned back to normal. He also cut back on his blood pressure medication. He exercises more and has become more disciplined when it came to eating. He has stopped eating out as much and has reduced his meat intake.

Sam’s Weight Loss Story

Before Sam started nutritional counseling with Kay, he suffered from sleep apnea and he was constantly having aches and pains.  When his doctor informed him that if he didn’t lose weight, he could have future complications such as diabetes, he knew he had to get help.

Watch the video below to learn more about how Sam lost weight with help from Kay.

In 6 months Sam has lost 20 pounds. He went from a size 44-inch waist to a 36 and feels more energized and productive. Sam no longer suffers from Sleep Apnea and feels more alert during the day. He feels stronger and has significantly fewer aches and pains.


I have always struggled getting to and maintaining the weight that I want.  I have tried a few diets over the years (South Beach, Weight Watchers) that worked temporarily but I always put some weight back on.  Kay taught me life lessons and methods to keep the weight off.  I quickly learned I did not need to eat as much as I thought and have been able to think about eating with a new mindset. 

– Brad B., Rockville, MD

After slightly elevated cholesterol levels and a Dexa bone scan that showed osteopenia, I knew it was time to do something about the weight that had crept on as I neared retirement age. I am a nurse and am interested in nutrition but there was some important facts that I didn’t know. Fiber was a big one. It was a lucky day when I met and joined Kay Loughrey of Sweet Life Wellness. She has an established weight loss program that she can customize for every client. I have lost close to 20# in 7 mos. Through her guidance, I have learned to track my foods–okay yes it is calorie counting, BUT with the goal of seeing what might be missing in your diet or what is in excess. Kay is there for me, to be my cheerleader, help me set realistic goals, and teach me in an organized way to a better nutritional health style and for the long term. With her encouragement, I have gotten active in Pilates, walking and have personal trainer. (and my Blue Cross insurance has covered it all!!) My energy is back and my husband is tickled pink as he usually ran circles around me.

– Rebecca S., Gaithersburg, MD

Kay’s Sweet Life methodology and her support helped me lose 60 lbs. over 10 months…and keep it off. I’d recommend Kay for anyone who’d like to commit to weight loss.

– Pat E., Rockville, MD

I have weight-loss success with Kay Loughrey.  She is knowledgeable, supportive, and encouraging.  Kay has provided a weight-loss plan suited to my specific medical needs.  I especially like when she shares her own recipes for healthy eating.  Kay has helped me set attainable goals which I am working to achieve.

– Karen L., Damascus, MD