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Take a Break to Live a Happy, Healthy Life

Take a Break to Live a Happy, Healthy Life

Take a Break to Live a Happy, Healthy Life

Today’s world is all about the fast pace life. We have jam-packed schedules starting in high school, continuing into college that continues once we are in the workforce. In fact, there is rarely such a thing as a lunch break anymore, as what once were lunch breaks are now “working lunches.” This lifestyle is conducive to excessive snacking and fast, convenient food. It is important to simply take a break and learn to enjoy food in order to live a happy, healthy life.


But… how do I find any time in my day?


  1. Start your morning off right on the right side of the bed. Waking up to your first alarm can be hard, especially on those Monday mornings. One way to combat this is by having a stretching routine every morning- it can be as simple as finding a 10-minute video on You Tube. This will quickly give your brain and body the energy it needs to be alert for the day. It will also help motivate you to eat a healthy breakfast to keep energy up!


  1. Take part of your lunch break to go for a walk and enjoy the fresh air; you can even get your co-workers in on a weekly walking challenge! A walk in the fresh air after eating lunch will help your body process and digest your meal and clear your head for the second half of the day.


  1. As the end of the workday rolls around, some schedules may be winding down, or some may be gearing up to take children to various practices. No matter the schedule, try to plan for a family dinner at least 4 times in the week. Dinners with the family promote a happy, healthy life and have been associated with a more nutritious dietary intake.


Something that seems as insignificant as stretching in the morning or walking for 20 minutes in the day can have a real impact on your health. Take any chance that you can to get moving! Your body will love the feeling, you’ll feel less stressed, and the boost it gives you will encourage you to eat more nutritious meals to continue feeling alert and ready for the day.


Blog Author: Marion Irvin

Sweet Life Wellness Student Intern

Dietetics Student at University of Maryland-College Park