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Resilience in the New Year

Resilience in the New Year

Resilience is defined as the ability to recovery from difficulty. As a college student, I recently practiced resiliency during my finals weeks. I kept pushing through by thinking about my future and about the prospect of being at home with my family.

You, too, are resilience because you are here reading this blog post and are motivated to keep your health in check. A large reason as to why people fail at weight loss is because one thing goes wrong and they give up. For instance, they may have gone to a dinner with their friends and ordered a meal high in saturated fat and calories. They then have negative thoughts and relapse to the easier option- no weight management.

The weight loss journey is more of a roller coaster than it is a flat road. There are ups and there are downs. Some days you have a “clean” diet and others you seem to eat every sweet in sight.

This is okay.

When looking back at weight loss history, it is important to look at patterns and new habits that you have established instead of focusing on the failures. Failures become a problem when we use them as an excuse to give up instead of using them as learning moments for the future. Treat weight loss as you treat life. In life, we encounter struggles every day, yet we know that we cannot give up. You will encounter struggles with food every day when trying to lose weight, however giving up will hinder you from success. Practice resilience.

The Resilience Breakthough is a great book by Christian Moore that advises on how to bounce back from problems in life. The tips provided can be applied to weight loss and beyond. Moore’s big picture idea is to turn pain into power instead of defeat.

How will you practice resilience in 2018

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New Intensive for 2018!

Thinking Ahead to 2018?

I’m so excited to offer a group educational Intensive nationwide for the first time ever that is focused on finding Inner Health and Freedom. I’ve discovered that for people who want to stop struggling with their weight and health, it first takes removing the inner triggers because the weight is just an outer symptom.

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Blog Author:
Marion Irvin
Sweet Life Wellness Student Intern
Dietetics student at University of Maryland-College Park

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