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New Years Resolutions and Perfectionism

New Years Resolutions and Perfectionism

If you haven’t read it yet, check out our blog from last week on resilience. We will use this as a springboard for this week.

Did you make a resolution this year? If so, are you nervous about how successful you are going to be actually maintaining that resolution? The ability to be resilient can determine how capable you will be in forming a new habit. As you know, new habits do not form overnight. There is a cycle of habit building that is informally called The Stages of Change.

The stages of change are as follows: pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance, and relapse. If you made a resolution, you are at the action phase. You have stated what you want to change and how you are going to change it.



For example, let’s say that you want to go to the gym 4 times a week this year. For a few weeks, you maintain this action. However, what happens if you miss a week due to work and family obligations? Here is where most people relapse. They suddenly think that because they missed one week, they are incapable of fulfilling their goal.

Let this be the year that you let perfectionism go.

 It is, of course, great to strive to be the best that you can be. However, giving up because of one mistake will never take you far. The best part of mistakes is that you can use them as a learning opportunity! They teach you what motivates you, how you feel when you are successful, how you feel when you do not quite do your best. These are all very important in the stages of change. If you can learn how to be resilient and learn from your mistakes, you will in fact maintain your New Year’s resolution instead of relapse.

What are some goals you made for 2018?

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Marion Irvin
Sweet Life Wellness Student Intern
Dietetics student at University of Maryland-College Park

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