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Kay Loughrey is a nationally known lifestyle expert and often makes media, television and radio appearances and is cited in major publications. She speaks with reporters, editors, journalists and audiences about how to she helps people transform their lives, lose weight and get their “play big” results.

As Seen On:

TV and Radio Appearances

Eating a healthy breakfast doesn’t have to be a hassle.

eating a healthy breakfast does not have to be a hassleWTOP – Washington’s Top News
“I’ve heard of some people who just didn’t eat breakfast, and then the whole rest of the day they’re looking for the right thing,” said Kay Loughrey, a health coach, dietitian and nutritionist at Sweet Life Wellness in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

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New Year’s Resolutions from Kay

by CBS Radio WTOP
Listen to Kay’s interview on WTOP CBS Radio.

Also listen to Kay’s 2012 interview with CBS radio, by clicking here.

Diets Don’t Work! Conquer Your Food Triggers

by eWN Radio Network
In 2016, Kay appeared on the eWN Radio Network with Phyllis Smith to discuss why diets don’t work and how to conquer your food triggers. Listen to the radio interview below to learn about the real reason why so many people can’t stick to a diet.

With Health and Wellness Comes Idea Swellness!

by Sylvia Henderson

In March of 2015, Kay appeared on the Ideas Success with Syliva radio show . The episode, titled With Health and Wellness Comes Idea Swellness!, featured Kay and host Sylvia Henderson talking about creating a lifestyle and establishing behaviors that’ll help people think more clearly and act on ideas more energetically. Listen to the the episode below:

In January, 2012, Kay appeared on NBC-affiliated WHAG-TV’s afternoon news program in Washington D.C., to tell people how to “Slim Down & Win.” Watch Kay discuss ways to lose weight, stay healthy and transform your life.


Kay Loughrey is a well-respected lifestyle expert with national recognition. Her insights into nutrition, diets, stress-reduction and changing habits have been featured in some of the industry’s top publications, including:

 Implementing Physical Activity StrategiesImplementing Physical Activity Strategies

Kay recently co-authored a chapter in the 1st edition of “Implementing Physical Activity Strategies.”  

Speaking Engagements

Kay is an industry thought-leader, and often speaks at national conferences about health and nutrition. Watch Kay motivate a room full of people into living the delicious sweet life.


Press Coverage

Speaker and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Kay Loughrey Offers a Holistic Approach to Weight Loss for Survivors of Sexual Assault

Kay’s personal experience with sexual trauma and 30 years as registered dietitian-nutritionist led her to discoveries that have yielded a holistic approach to personal transformation, habit change, and weight loss for persons who have experienced trauma including sexual trauma.

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Qué hacer para no comer “por aburrimiento”

Kay provided advice about how to avoid eating out of boredom during the winter, a story in Spanish that appears on the Telemundo Website.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Speaker Kay Loughrey Explains Why Giving Yourself Love on Valentine’s Day is Better than Receiving Chocolate

In January, 2017 Kay was featured in a Valentine’s Day press release that appeared on 246 media Websites. You can view the release here:

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Speaker Kay Loughrey Offers Weight Loss Tips for the Holidays

In Dec. 2016, Kay was featured in a press release that received OVER 220 media response. You can view the release here:

Women of Distinction Magazine Selects Kay Loughrey as a Distinguished Professional in Her Field

Kay Loughrey, Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Sweet Life Wellness, has been recognized as a Distinguished Professional in her field through Women of Distinction Magazine. Kay Loughrey will be featured in an upcoming edition of Women of Distinction in 2016.