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Keeping Holiday Traditions and Happiness

Keeping Holiday Traditions and Happiness

One of the best parts about the holidays is all of the memories that are associated with them. I get so excited when Christmas rolls around because I think about all of my family traditions that we have done long before I was born. Most of my favorite traditions are centered on food in particular. For instance, my mom and I kick the boys out of the kitchen and make cookies while listening to Christmas music over the speakers. I look forward to this day every year, yet I always end up feeling uncomfortably full and unhappy because I cannot control myself around the cookies while we bake them.

Maybe you have similar experiences. You do not want to give up a tradition because it does bring you seasonal joy, but you always end up regretting eating one more cookie.

Sometimes, though, it is necessary to rethink holiday traditions that no longer serve our nutritional and weight loss goals. Kay grew up enjoying the cookies her grandmother made for Christmas. She continued this tradition into adulthood by baking cookies during the Holidays using her grandma’s recipes. But then almost 10 years ago, she realized that it was time to replace this tradition since she would eat most of them, and then gain weight. This weight gain was not worth the tradition because it led to unhappiness. Now, she samples a few holiday cookies at parties instead of having to access to containers of them at her house. This small change in her traditions has lead to a great deal of happiness.

While this is certainly a tricky situation to be in, there are a couple of tips that may help you succeed:

  1. Enjoy the meaningful. You look forward to your favorite holiday sweet every year. Do not ruin it by eating too much and experiencing regret. Instead, eat just enough to satisfy your craving and experience all the flavors.
  2. Take a morning walk. Get your metabolism revved up and release those feel good hormones. When we start our morning off right, we are more likely to make positive food choices throughout the day.
  3. Balance, balance, balance. If you know you enjoy desserts, eat healthy meals throughout the day. This includes having at least three food groups with every meal and filling your plate halfway up with vegetables. This will be a good balance if you then decide to eat two or three cookies at night. If your holiday morning breakfast consists of cinnamon rolls, pair it with scrambled eggs and fruit. Eat those first and then fill the rest of your hunger up with the cinnamon roll.

Holidays are all about enjoyment! Enjoy everything you love in moderation and practice balance. This will keep you happy this season.

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Blog Author:
Marion Irvin
Sweet Life Wellness Student Intern
Dietetics student at University of Maryland-College Park