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Your Frequently Asked Holiday Questions

Your Frequently Asked Holiday Questions

For those of you who tuned into the Freedom From Frenzy Webinar, this blog post will be a refresher from the questions that were answered. For those of you who couldn’t tune in, Kay answered some of your holiday related questions. I will expand more on some of the questions and answers so that you can have the most successful season!

One of the mostly commonly asked questions is how to be okay declining food from a well-intentioned host. This is a great question because we find ourselves not wanting to come off rude but also do not want to sacrifice our happiness and personal food journey. One way to overcome this is being the last one to finish your food. That way, you can avoid any awkward interactions between you and the host by noting your plate of food!

Another frequently asked question is how to handle the temptation of overeating at an event with a large array of food. This advice can definitely be used at the holiday, but also at any celebration or buffet where you are exposed to a lot of foods you love. Whenever you are in this situation, focus on the people more than the food. After all, the main reason that you are at the event is to socialize and mingle with your friends and family.

A great tip is to mentally prepare what your meal will include ahead of time. That way, you can go straight to these foods instead of perusing and grabbing more than you originally intentioned. When getting this food, fill up just one plateful. We tend to overeat when we are in the presence of our peer without even realizing. Preplanning your one plate will keep you from overeating unnecessarily.

Finally, a commonly asked question is dealing with the emotional roller coaster that is weight loss. It may feel as though you are getting nowhere just by the number on the scale. When you feel distressed, thinking about all of your small victories up to this point. You may have started incorporating breakfast or have been drinking less soda. Small changes may not immediately show up on the scale, but they add up and with a little patience show up on the scale and are impactful!


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Marion Irvin
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Dietetics student at University of Maryland-College Park