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Sweet Life Wellness Events

Meet Kay Loughrey at an upcoming Sweet Life Wellness event. Some of these events are held locally, in Gaithersburg, Maryland, but Kay also travels the country, offering weight loss seminars and group success coaching sessions.

When you attend a Sweet Life Wellness event, you’ll discover the challenges, triggers or past traumas preventing you from living the delicious sweet life.

Upcoming Sweet Life Wellness Events

There are no upcoming Sweet Life Wellness events scheduled at this time. Check back often to learn about all live events, webinars and speaking engagements.

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Past Sweet Life Wellness Events

In addition to one-on-one health coaching, Kay provides group sessions for people looking to learn more about achieving their goals, finding better health and getting motivated for success. You can watch a sample of Kay’s recent Sweet Life Wellness health and group weight loss seminar below.

Setting and Living your Intentions for Great Health!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

7:00 – 8:00 PM Eastern/6:00 PM – 7:00 PM CST


The Workshop Price of $25 Includes:

> Your personalized chart with a written description on where Jupiter Rx is transiting your chart + other important aspects

> A preliminary workbook activity

> The Online Webinar on Feb. 23

> A complimentary full hour of coaching with Kay


> Follow-up Workshop on June 6

> Discounted offers from Sandy + Kay

Webinar Description

Intention beadsIntention Beads is joining forces with Sweet Life Wellness’s Kay Loughrey to bring a new twist on how to set intentions and live healthy! Kay Loughrey is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Health and Behavioral Coach. She has been helping her clients live what she calls The Sweet Life.

Ignite your intentions! Sign up for our one-hour online workshop.

We will help you look inside and disrupt old patterns to achieve your intentions for good health this year. We will blend your astrological chart with a personalized look at what’s been holding you back and show you how to achieve your intentions for great health.

Sandy RueveSandy Rueve, Owner of Intention Beads and Astrologer, will be guiding you with planetary aspects that can best catapult your intentions for a healthy life, and Kay will discuss some best practices to beginning a new, sweet life—one that is joyful and healthy!

Click here to register.

 The Hidden Cause of Weight Webinar 

I designed this program to help you get free of the past messages and trauma standing in the way on your health journey. I share:

  • My Five Principles for a Sweet Life, which I created for my health coaching clients to give you clarity on what’s getting in your way, to increase your sense of worthiness, and to open the door of possibilities to new sweet, joyful life.
  • Why living a joyful, Sweet Life is accessible to you regardless of what you’ve been through.
  • Why weight struggles are often from a deeply held fear, especially regarding your personal safety or intimacy.
  • Why living in the shadows is hurting you more than it’s helping you.
  • What you can do! 

The Hidden Cause of Weight Webinar Is for You If:

Are you ready to do something different in 2017? This webinar is for you if:

  • You are puzzled about why you have the extra weight but want to get to the true root cause and feel better about yourself.
  • You hide behind your weight to avoid being available, vulnerable, or authentic.
  • You are ready to get clarity and the freedom that results from understand why you eat when you’re emotional.
  • Your weight issues started in childhood or as a young teen.
  • You’ve spent many years yo-yo dieting, but don’t make any real progress.
  • You suffer from low self-esteem or struggle with body image.
  • You have a history of sexual abuse or other trauma.

 How much you weigh isn’t the problem. What you eat isn’t the problem. Both are just the symptoms. With weight, most often the real issue is that of keeping the illusion of safety by hiding and staying safe.

Speaking Engagements

Kay travels across the country, speaking at health and nutrition conferences, and appearing on national and regional media. She also holds regular seminars to help people achieve their goals and explore practical solutions to challenging problems with weight, health and stress.

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Kay helps people understand what’s holding them back from capturing their personal and professional goals. Whether it’s losing weight, getting fit, eating healthy, running a business or getting motivated for success, Kay is an expert health, wellness and success coach. Register today for the next Sweet Life Wellness event and start achieving your “Play Big” results.

Kay enjoys sharing her knowledge and giving people the tools to:

  • Lose weight
  • Reduce stress
  • Take back their lives.