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Enjoying Food, Feeling Great

Enjoying Food, Feeling Great

The first step in building a positive relationship with food is being able to actually enjoy what you eat. So many times we think that we need to cut our favorite foods out of our diet in order to lose weight. Cutting all of these foods out is dangerous because we may not end up getting enough calories and nutrients if we are left with foods that we do not find appetizing. It is impossible to be perfectly content when you are consistently not eating what satisfies you. For example, if you are celebrating your birthday in a restaurant, you are ultimately not going to feel great if you order the salad instead of the steak, which you were craving.

How can I begin feeling great about my food again?

1. Pack a lunch for the day that gets you excited to eat! Maybe it’s a new recipe you found online or leftovers from your favorite restaurant from the night before. This enticing meal will help you pay attention to your food while you’re eating it and get you excited about the process of eating.

2. If you are on the quest to add more fruits and vegetables into your diet, start by mixing them in with foods that you already know and enjoy. For instance, if you have no vegetables in your diet, you can begin introducing them on a vegetable pizza. Or, think about having fruit with a dollop of whipped cream for a perfect summer dessert.

3. Eat slowly and without distraction. This will allow you to taste the food- what is the texture? Is it sweet, spicy, or sour? Do you like the smell? All of these questions can help guide you in future meal decision. If, after doing this, you realized that you really enjoy crunchy foods, you can begin introducing other nutrient rich crunchy foods into your diet that you did not even think twice about before.

In many cultures, there is an importance placed the enjoyment of food and eating. This is one reason why they have many more people that have a positive relationship with food. Strive to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner a time of fulfillment and feeling great instead of a dreaded part of the day.

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Blog Author:
Marion Irvin
Sweet Life Wellness Student Intern
Dietetics student at University of Maryland-College Park