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Emotional Eating

Wednesday, May 17 At 6:30 Pm ET (45 Minutes)

with Kay Loughrey, RDN, MPH

Kay Loughrey, RDN, MPHLearn How To Free Yourself From Emotional Eating Triggers

Are you ready to learn what’s been keeping you addicted to emotional eating and finally overcome it?

“The Emotional Eating” Webinar is a good place to start to understand the root cause of your emotional eating.

There’s a good chance your emotional eating and extra weight stem from old feelings, beliefs, and messages.

Kay Loughrey, Speaker, Health and Weight loss coach, and nutritionist designed this Webinar to help you get free of emotional eating triggers.

Are you ready to do something different this spring? This webinar is for you if you:

  • Struggle with overeating triggered by emotions;
  • Feel disappointed with the results of dieting; and
  • Wonder why you can’t stop the cycle of eating to feel better

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