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Eating Out Guilt Free

Eating Out Guilt Free

We live in a society where eating out is generally associated with a celebration of some sort – birthday, retirement, job, anything! It is quite difficult to turn down eating out because it is a way of socializing for some people, especially in large cities. However, amidst your journey of weight loss, eating out may bring you anxiety and guilt because we tend to over indulge in the presence of our friends.

Let yourself enjoy moments of celebration without guilt this year. Here are some tips for how to manage eating out (all it takes is a little pre-planning!).

  1. Look at the menu before going out: This is the most important tip in my opinion. If you look at the menu before going out, you will know exactly what you want to eat, without being swayed by your hunger at the restaurant. You ultimately want to pick what is going to make you leave with no regrets and the best place to do this is an online menu. Restaurants nowadays are starting to put nutrition information of all of their dishes online so you can take a look at exactly what you will be eating.
  2. Know what you are eating: This sounds a little silly, but pick a dish in which you know exactly what will be in it. For instance, a salad with a protein will have all of the ingredients listed out on the menu. On the other hand, a pasta dish with a cream sauce does not list what makes up the cream sauce, which may end up being a large amount of calories and saturated fat! One helpful idea is to ask questions to the waiter or waitress about how the food is prepared and the ingredients.
  3. Leftovers are your friend: Many of my peers have a difficult time grasping this. They want to make sure they leave a restaurant with a clean plate in order to minimize food waste. However, think about it like this: by overeating, you are still wasting food. This time though, it is wasted in your body. Leftovers allow you to eat until your hunger full signals tell you that you are full and then again the next day as another meal (2 for 1!).
  4. Ask about half portions: Some restaurants are moving in the direction of making half portions available. If you have a difficult time with leftovers, ask your waitress or waiter to see if you can make your meal half size. This way, you can eat what is on your plate and leave without feeling too full.

These tips will have you enjoying the company of your friends and celebrating happiness this year!

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Blog Author:
Marion Irvin
Sweet Life Wellness Student Intern
Dietetics student at University of Maryland-College Park