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Dress for Success as You Lose Weight

Dress for Success as you lose weight


Watching the pounds fall from the scale is a true joy for anyone starting a new weight loss program.  But one area that might not bring much joy while you lose weight… the closet.

If you’ve recently lost weight, many of your clothes may not fit anymore, and you’re hesitant to buy new clothes until you reach your weight loss goal. This can cause a “frumpy” feeling; when the way you dress doesn’t match how great you feel otherwise.


Dress for Weight Loss Success

The key to transitioning your closet, as you lose weight, lies in a having few quality pieces that can be interchanged and accessorized for different looks.

We consulted with Thelma Monk, a style expert with Cabi Designs to bring you tips to fight the “frump.” Thelma advises in investing a good pair of black pants, a dark skirt, and 3-4 tops. Fabric should be stretchy and flowing, to allow for fit at different sizes, while still maintaining an elegant look. She recommends Ponte knit as an excellent fabric choice because it holds its shape even after extensive wear. 

Buy a Nice Belt

Don’t start with sizes that are too large or too small, and don’t forget to buy a nice belt. A belt provides a wonderful optical illusion while you lose weight, and can be worn over shirts, or with trousers or pants, thus providing style even as your clothes seem larger while you lose weight.  If the belt isn’t quite keeping up with your shrinking waistline, consider having the waist brought in by visiting a tailor. 

Get a Well-Fitting Bra

For women, a periodic bra fitting is essential to keep up with your changing size. A quality, well-fitting bra can make a huge difference in comfort and the hang of your clothes. 

Bold and Beautiful ShirtsCircular shirttail top from Cabi Designs

As for tops, choose a V-neck or cowl neckline and/or a circular shirttail  (see below) for a smooth, crisp and attractive style.. Remember to select colors that make you feel bold and beautiful. Style can be fabulous at any size!

Bio for Thelma Monk

Themla Monk, style expert with Cabi Designs


For years, I have enjoyed being a fashion stylist. My credentials include a Bachelor of Science Degree in Clothing and Related Arts. I hold a Ph.D. in Education from Virginia Tech.  However, I have never been far away from the field of fashion. In addition to being in a stylist for Cabi, I am also a private shopper. 

Expertise and Services Provided

My expertise is styling women from many walks of life and women who are committed to their weight goals. My services include establishing a transitional wardrobe. I help women to know what styles compliment their body types and what fabrics to choose as they transition from current weight to their ideal weight. 

Why I Love What I Do

I love being a fashion stylist, for it is my calling.  It is my joy to empower women to know what transitional styles, basic wardrobe items, fabrics, and accessories are best for them. My mission is to help women get clear on their wardrobe goals and to believe they can look absolutely stunning during their journey. I enjoy helping my clients make a stunning impression every single time.


Thelma Monk, Fashion Stylist
C: 301-602-5510


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