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Sweet Life Wellness Coaching

The Sweet Life Wellness coaching is about helping you stop struggling with your weight and step into your delicious sweet life.

Do you:

Wake Up


and just go through the motions of life without the self-care needed to thrive?



In Your Clothes

or in your weight to avoid being available, vulnerable and attractive?

If so, Kay can help you become free in ways you never imagined. Yes, you will lose weight, but you’ll also discover so much more. Learn more about Kay’s approaching to one-on-one health coaching by watching the video below:

Sweet Life coaching helps you find the truth about your powerful, sweet, and delicious life, and how to lose weight without dieting. Through Sweet Life Coaching, you’ll discover how to give yourself the love and approval you deserve, make better choices, and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Kay was selected to be an eWomen Network Premier Success Coach because of her excellence as a health coach, and her history of helping professionals achieve their business goals.

If you’re a person who has experienced trauma, Kay can help turn trauma into growth and freedom. Kay has experienced trauma and knows how to overcome trauma. Kay will teach you as well.

One-on-One Coaching

Through one-on-one health and nutrition coaching, Kay Loughrey helps people:

  • Set specific goals to accomplish.
  • Conquer obstacles holding them back.
  • Change beliefs, ideas and habits to become happier.

Sign up for Sweet Life Coaching and receive a customized health package that fits your lifestyle and your body.

Sweet Life Coaching Custom Packages

Sign up for one-on-one coaching from Sweet Life Wellness and Kay Loughrey, to receive a personalized and custom package which includes:

  • Private coaching sessions (in-person or virtually) with Kay.
  • Custom guidance with health modules designed just for you.
  • Tools to conquer the inner-triggers driving your food choices.
  • Custom meal plans that still let you eat the foods you love.
  • Regular tips, advice, recipes and health updates from Kay.


Individual Health Coaching and Diet Counseling

It’s time to start taking your health transformation seriously. No more excuses. Start living the delicious sweet life today.

Through private, one-on-one health coaching and diet counseling, Kay will help you:

  • Drop extra pounds for good.
  • Manage or reverse diabetes.
  • Enjoy a deliciously healthy lifestyle.

Is Sweet Life Wellness Coaching Right for You?

Sadness mature woman. Isolated on gray

Ready to take your health seriously?
Tired of making excuses?
Want to lose weight, feel better and stay healthy?

The Sweet Life Wellness program, with help from Kay Loughrey’s lifestyle coaching, are the right choice. Stop feeling tired and stressed, and start feeling happy and healthy.


Benefits of Sweet Life Wellness Coaching

Are you sick of feeling stuck in an unhealthy lifestyle? Would you like to see the benefits of living a healthy life? With the help of Kay’s one-on-one coaching, you’ll be able to:

Stop Feeling

  • Tired and drained.
  • Frustrated with your weight.
  • Helpless to quit eating from stress.
  • Like a victim to your food triggers.
  • Stuck in your unhealthy lifestyle.

Be Your Vital Self

  • Lose weight and keep it off.
  • Boost your energy.
  • Feel more healthy and fit.
  • Be more confident. Love yourself again.
  • Achieve personal and business goals.