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The Breakthrough M2 Weight Loss: Bad for your Body

warning signToday’s blog addresses a fad diet that deserves a warning. 


Breakthrough M2 Weight Loss Program

A colleague recently brought the Breakthrough M2 Weight Loss Program to my attention. She asked for my opinion about the program that she had started after the New Year as a quick weight loss solution.

Don’t these promises sound good?

  • Quick and easy weight loss.”
  • “More energy.”
  • “Better health.”
  • (and my personal pet peeve ) “detoxifying.”

The Breakthrough M2 program claims to do all of this, and more.


Why a Warning?

An extremely low-calorie program, dieters eat only 500 calories a day for a minimum of 3 weeks while consuming at least two types of Breakthrough M2 brand supplements.

One of the key ingredients is an appetite suppressant which was a first red flag.

Taking appetite suppressants helps only temporarily to reduce food cravings and emotional eating. The weight will be there until the underlying issue is dealt with.


Big Claims About “Homeopathic” Supplements

The program makes big claims about its “homeopathic” supplements: up to 1 pound of weight loss per day; fat loss rather than muscle, particularly in the stomach, hips, and thighs, with little hunger and no weight regain.


It Sounds Great, But Can They Deliver?

Unfortunately, there is no evidence that any over-the-counter diet supplement performs in this manner.

Multiple clinical trials were conducted on the substance that Breakthrough’s supplement claims to mimic: HCG.

The results? HCG does not perform any of the advertised functions. Simply put, there is no drug or supplement on the market today that can target the fat in specific parts of your body.

Anyone who tries to sell you on this is dispensing baloney.


Starvation Protocol and Weight Loss

Any weight lost on this program is directly attributable to one thing: the 500 calorie a day program, which cannot be considered a diet. Rather, it is a starvation protocol.

Five hundred calories a day does not provide enough energy or nutrients to sustain your cardiovascular system, brain health, and internal organs.

What’s more, participants are more likely to regain all of their weight, plus more, following a very low calorie diet. This is because prolonged starvation triggers the body to suppress its metabolism and decrease its need for calories, even after normal eating is resumed.

As for the advertised one-half to one pound weight loss per day? It’s going to be water first, and then a combination of lean muscle, fat, and even reduction in bone density.

Contrary to the program’s claims, no supplements can change this basic biological fact.

The body’s tendency to attack lean muscle and affect bone density on a very low calorie diet is one of the reasons why reputable weight loss programs advise their clients to consume never less than 1000 calories per day while participating in regular exercise that includes weight training.

Sadly, this diet, like so many other fad diets, is a set up for failure. When a weight loss program makes claims that seem too good to be true, they probably are.


What’s the Alternative?

The simple truth is that a good “diet” is a lifestyle change that supports the health of your body while you lose weight and is sustainable.

You should feel great on your new eating plan, with increased energy and well-being from consuming nourishing, nutrient-dense foods and moving more. You won’t need to take a long list of supplements, because you’ll get what you need from real food.

As for “detoxing?” Support your kidneys and liver with a nutritious diet and plenty of water and let them do the work for you.

Expect a healthy, sustainable weight loss to be at a rate of about 1-2 lbs. per week. Weight doesn’t pile on overnight, and it doesn’t come off overnight, either.

Take a look at how one of my patients Daphnee recently lost 25 pounds and now enjoys a feeling healthier and has high level of energy.

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Author:Penelope Nutrition Intern for Sweet Life Wellness
Nutrition Intern for Sweet Life Wellness