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Sweet Life Wellness helps people get their lives back and live the delicious sweet life. CEO, health coach, and nutritionist, Kay Loughrey, helps people make better choices, lose weight, and sustain a healthy lifestyle.


Kay Loughrey

Kay Loughrey: Owner and CEO of Sweet Life WellnessKay Loughrey is a nationally known and award winning health coach and lifestyle expert. Previously she worked with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and now she provides health coaching to people looking to take the next step in their weight-loss journey.



How Kay Can Help?

Kay offers one-on-one coaching to people looking to stop struggling with their weight and reduce stress. By designing a customized plan that matches your goals, your life and your body, Kay will help you live your delicious sweet life.

Transform Your Life with Sweet Life WellnessKay partners with you every step of the way to help you:

  • Power Boost Your Energy
  • Feel More Healthy and Fit
  • Be More Confident and Productive
  • Lose Weight and Keep it Off Without Dieting
  • Manage or Reverse Diabetes


Take Back Your Life and Love Yourself Again

Stop Bad Habits

Take back control of your life, your weight and your health with the help of Kay and Sweet Life Wellness. Reduce the daily stresses that cause you to eat and engage other negative habits. By changing the way you live, how you deal with stress and the reasons you feel tired and without energy, you can begin taking the steps to your own delicious sweet life.


With Kay’s help you can:

  • Free Yourself from Feeling Tired and Drained
  • Stop Being Afraid of Diet Failure
  • Cease Eating from Stress
  • No Longer Feel Sick from Your Unhealthy Lifestyle
  • Not Be Frustrated with Your Weight


Gain clarity by creating a vision for your bigger future:

  • GOAL: What are your (big goals) for 2-3 years from now?
  • OBSTACLE: What obstacles are getting in your way?
  • HABIT: What habits must you change to achieve your bigger future?


Watch this Video About Kay Loughrey and Sweet Life Wellness

Feeling overwhelmed? Looking to reclaim your vital self?

Discover the truth about weight loss. Sweet Life Wellness doesn’t sell gimmicks. There’s no pills or fad diets. Just a coach that cares and customized plans to improve your health.

Need Help?

Speak with Kay to clarify one GOAL, OBSTACLE AND HABIT you’ll change to get your sweet life back and get your results.

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Yelena S., Elksridge, MD, lost weight with help from KayKay has helped me realize that life is not about looking perfect and following the latest diet craze. It is about being healthy, working hard, celebrating small victories and being able to enjoy the little things. Live life to the fullest!
Yelena S., Elksridge, MD
I travel extensively on business. Working with Kay helped me find practical ways to find healthier meal choices while on the road.
B ~ Clarksburg, MD
I’m getting so many compliments on the way I look especially from my husband and kids. I can now get into clothes I haven’t worn in years. Thank you Kay. I’m so happy I could dance!
Marie-Rose S., Derwood, MD
Working with Kay was helpful for me to break the cycle of bad eating habits that I had developed. Kay gave me the motivation to make positive healthy changes.
G.S., Potomac, MD
Kay’s common sense approach and easy to use software allowed me to make better choices immediately. I had all the information I needed to go from a size 38 to size 34 jeans in 8 weeks.
Paul A., Poolesville, MD
Thanks for teaching me how to eat healthier. I am always surprised that this learning experience still impacts my decisions when I grocery shop and prepare to eat.
Jim H., Gaithersburg, MD
I am grateful to Kay for showing me the path to managing my diabetes through better nutrition and whole wellness and she did it all the while with a warm smile!
Kelli M., Gaithersburg, MD
Kay has helped me learn ways to slow down and focus on the “now.” She has helped me enjoy the present instead of always rushing to the next thing.
Becki L., Clarksburg, MD